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Advancing - IoT | endangering privacy

Before knowing about how the advancement and expansion of IoT can lead to endangering our privacy, let us know what is IoT?

advancing - IoT

IoT or Internet of Things is a system/network/collection of different physical devices integrated with different technologies, sensors, and software around us that are connected to the internet to enhance usability, accessibility, and sharing of data.

With this rapid advancement and digitization of the world and lifestyle, IoT plays an important role in the expansion of the smart and digital world. Today not only everyone is connected to each other via the internet but everything around us is also connected to the internet and things are becoming smarter day by day with IoT.

From our personal computers, smartphones to our smart bands, smartwatches, and many more are now capable to connect to the internet and share data.

How advancement in IoT may lead to endangering our privacy?

With an increase in technology and digitization, cyber crimes like cyber attacks, hacking, unauthorized access, data leaking, and many other challenges and risks have increased in past decades.

Expanding sources for people with ill intent:

Due to the expansion of IoT, today everything around us from personal devices to sensitive products like cars, keys, smart cards, surveillance cameras, and many more are now connected to the internet and can share data. This expansion in the range of IoT gives many more discrete sources to attackers, hackers, and people with ill intent to steal our personal credentials, manipulate data, leak out sensitive data, and others.

Today every machine and gadget in hospitals, banks, IT sectors, roads, highways, homes, and others are connected to the internet. Even smart homes are now completely integrated with smart devices like smart lights, smart TVs, smart cleaner, and even smart doors and smart keys, which act as a very dangerous weapon for the people with ill intent to find a source to get unauthorized access to your sensitive data like smart door password, hack your security cameras, or maybe crack into your smart cars.

Lack of knowledge:

No matter how hard the manufacturing units try to provide secure IoT devices but still they lack to provide complete security to personal and sensitive data like contacts, images, bank details, health details, passwords, lock keys, which users save into different devices like smart cards, smartwatches, smart cars, and many more because the expansion of technology and digitization is so fast but many of the people are still not well aware of these advance technologies and how to use it, how to protect themselves from frauds, how to secure their data. People are curious to have hands-on experience with a variety of smart gadgets launching in the market but are unaware of security measures, frauds, management of sensitive data which makes it easier for hackers and people with ill intent to attack and steal data from new and unaware users.

With 21st-century people are going to be smarter, digital as well as more prone to attacks and endangering their own privacy.

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