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Android 11 update and top new features - Android with better controls and security.

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Google just launched its new Android 11 packed with new features and a handy interface for better user experience and reduced complexities.

Android 11
Android 11 update

Google's Android 11 claims that it's more focused on People, accessibility, control, and privacy.

Making the Android interface more handy and interactive by enhancing the conversation and notification module-

  • Get all messaging apps now in one place in the notification panel and prioritize and manage accordingly.

  • Bubbles: just like the Facebook Messanger bubble, multitask and respond to the messages simultaneously on more than one messaging apps without having to open those chat apps and toggle between them seamlessly from the bubbles itself.

  • Screen recorder: after all, finally Android is coming with its own built-in screen recorder feature to effortlessly capture videos, calls, gameplay, and more just like other user interfaces.

Android 11 comes with enhanced device controls to reduce user complexities and providing a much smoother experience

  • power button: Now access and control your all connected smart devices by just long pressing the power button. you can easily control all the smart home devices connected with your Android phone from this palette only.

  • Media Controls: Seamlessly switch between headphones, speakers, TV, and others while playing the media from the drop-down menu only.

  • Android auto: Now connect your Android phone directly to your car wirelessly with Android 11 update.

Android 11 also comes with some new security features and improved privacy:

One time permission: Now give the apps access to your microphone, camera, location, files, messages, contacts, and other just that one time while in use and then take away the grant automatically.

Permission auto-reset: If any app is not used for a long time its all the permissions will be automatically reset to secure your personal details from any random 3rd party apps.

Google play system updates: update some other security updates and privacy fixes on the phone right from the google play itself.

Android 11 is currently on its Beta-version and running on all the latest Google devices but soon it will be launched on the other 90% of android devices officially like Samsung, Oneplus, and others.