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Are we controlled by technology? - Fast evolving technology is making humans less intelligent

Technology evolving faster than humans

Technology evolving - tech replacing humanity
Technology evolving - tech replacing humanity

Today in 2020, from our smartphones, TV, machines, space crafts, computers, cars to small things like a toothbrush, smartwatch, smart glasses, smart rings, we are completely surrounded by Artificial intelligence, IoT, and smart things that automate our daily life.

Technology is evolving at a very high pace from those small phones with black and white screens with snake games to our current daily smart phones with 120Hz refresh rate super AMOLED touchscreen display and powerful CPU and GPU to render 3D games and multitasking, it took just 15 to 20 years to bring this change.

The curiosity of developing and upgrading the technology and improving the lifestyle, from the invention of tools, fire, and electricity to space rockets, AI, virtual reality, and IoT

Humans are ignoring that it's not us who are developing this technology but it is the technology itself that is making us develop and upgrade it.

We are not controlling the tech around us


We are controlled by technology

Humans are dependent on technology
Humans are dependent on technology

For every small job like waking up in the morning, tracking our heath to booking an uber, we need our smart things, smartphones, and the internet.

We are just managing the feeds and posts of our social media but Social media is controlling our compete life and time like a drug, as we frequently pick up our phone just to scroll the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

One day without the internet or a smartphone is the least productive and jobless day for us.

Humans are clearly unaware when these smart things took over the control from us and now are controlling our lives.

We are completely dependent on technology


Technology is making humans less intelligent

No doubt technology has improved human life greatly by increasing the life span, decreasing diseases, increasing the economy, improving and the lifestyle but somewhere directly or indirectly we humans are now dependent on these technologies for all simple to complex tasks.

Technology is making us lazy and dumber as now we are dependent on our smart gadgets to calculate maths, navigate maps and routes, pin reminders, meeting alerts, tracking our daily routine, to maintaining notes and tasks.

Technologies and AI are replacing humans in all fields with new advanced robots and machine learning.

Human productive minds killing the productivity of human brains of upcoming generations.

A technology called Brain-computer interface like Nueralink was developed to implant a small chip-sized computer with electrodes inside the human brain and is designed to read the human brain and also write the instructions accordingly.

It was developed to cure spine and brain patients but it can be used in the future to implant some high-level algorithms and programs to calculate and perform complex tasks that even human minds are not capable of.

It can also be used as an artificial memory to store all the information and data of complete human life and making learning so easy like downloading the data from the internet.

All the tasks from switching on lights automatically, cleaning, driving, attending the meetings, cooking, to managing the firms in the future will be handled by smart robots, Artificial intelligence, and IoT, resulting in making the humans less productive and less intelligent.

So,the advancement in technology is improving productivity or decreasing the human brain's potential of upcoming generations by making them completely dependent on AI and technology?