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Microsoft Surface Duo-Android with Microsoft, finally a productive device in folding concept 2020.

Microsoft Surface Duo - Android with Microsoft
Surface Duo

Android with Microsoft - The new Surface Duo, Productivity focused smart device using Microsoft apps on Android OS.

Unlike other folding smartphones in the market with foldable screens, Surface Duo is a folding dual screen device with improved Android and Microsoft software and apps to enhance overall user experience and productivity.

Microsoft and Google together bought a user experience of Android OS with Microsoft skin and apps.
Just like the Microsoft said in the launch - "the Microsoft you love and the Android you know".

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Microsoft Surface Duo comes with the features like:

  • View two apps at once : Open two apps side-by-side.

  • Make your own App Group : Pair any two apps and launch simultaneously, each on a full screen, for a completely custom experience like(

  • Type on one screen, view on the other : Easily compose an email by typing on the bottom screen keyboard, while viewing your draft on the top display.

  • Drag and drop across screens : Drag elements from one screen and drop directly on other.

  • Enjoy the view with dual-screen enhanced apps : stretch your things to dual screen for better media consumption.

  • Two sites, side by side : open two sites side by side to improve productivity and compare contents and pin ideas.

  • Task bar : Surface Duo skin has task bar like windows to pin mostly used apps for fast and easy access.

Microsoft Surface Duo | Android with Microsoft
Surface Duo - App Group

Design :

Surface Duo is wide but its the sleekest design ever packing so much in that compact futuristic design with glass back and screen size of 5.6 inches each, 4.8 mm thick(open) n 9.9 mm(closed) and 250 grams weight .

Hardware specs :

Processor : Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855

Storage : 128GB or 256GB UFS 3.0

Memory : 6GB DRAM

Camera : Adaptive camera 11MP, f/2.0, 1.0 µm, upto 4K recording.

Software specs :

Surface Duo comes with Android 10 OS with all Google apps integrated with new Microsoft skin and Microsoft apps like:

  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Office Lens, PDF Reader, and more

  • Microsoft Outlook

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft OneDrive

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Microsoft OneNote

  • Microsoft To Do

  • Microsoft News

  • Microsoft Authenticator

  • Microsoft Bing Search

  • Intune Company Portal

  • LinkedIn

  • Microsoft Solitaire Collection

  • Surface Audio

There were already many foldable phones available in the market with great designs and better media consumption, but the software was not yet productive enough to take the advantage of hardware, Microsoft and Google together introduced a major upgrade in the productivity through Android with Microsoft skin and apps.