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Microsoft Your Phone : Microsoft integrated Windows 10 with Android.

Microsoft Your Phone

Recently Microsoft introduced a major update in its Microsoft Your Phone windows application to enhance the overall media consumption and productivity of the Android and Windows users.

Earlier Windows 10 users could use their "Your Phone" application already available on windows phone to sync their Android smartphone and access several features like messaging sharing photos and others on their Windows 10 PC itself without opening their phones.

But recently it announced some new productive features like Phone Screen on the official launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

You can connect your Android phone and old Samsung Phones to your windows 10 PC by installing Microsoft Your Phone app in your windows 10 PC


Your Phone Companion - Link to Windows Android app on your android device but in new Samsung Phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 20 this feature is already integrated.

These features were already available in Microsoft Your Phone application:

  • Directly accessing all the photos of your Android Phone on Windows PC by syncing your phone to PC using Your Phone app.

  • view and take actions on all the notifications on Android Phone using Windows PC.

  • attending calls directly from Windows PC.

  • Replying to your text messages directly from PC connected to your android phone.

But Microsoft announced new features in selected Samsung devices like Galaxy Note 20 where users can mirror their Phone Screen in windows 10 PC and can use multiple android apps right on the Windows screen.

Microsoft and Samsung Your phone app Phone screen
Microsoft and Samsung Your phone app Phone screen

Users can also pin their favorite and mostly used apps in task bar or start menu of Windows 10 for quick and easy access

Your Phone - "Phone Screen" feature enable you to mirror your complete android phone on Windows 10 screen and you can multitask between your phone and windows apps seamlessly.

Microsoft is working with Samsung to bring this feature to integrate multiple Android apps in Windows to other devices also in 2020 currently it is available in :

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 series

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 series

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 series

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 series

  • Samsung Galaxy Fold

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

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