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Mid range smartphone - The actual demand in 2020

Finally, all the top-end smartphone companies have listened to their customers and have taken a serious step in expanding their mid-range smartphone category rather than focusing only on producing more and more expensive flagship phones.

mid range smartphone 2020

Flagship-want for some, but Mid-range-need for everyone

Just because of the interest and demand of the majority of customers in the mid-range section from nearly 400$ to 700$, all the top-selling smartphone brands are now working in beating the competition in the mid-range smartphone market as it is the most selling and profitable section.

competition in the budget and mid-range smartphone market is constantly increasing as brands like:

have finally realized that the majority of customers demand good specs like smooth performance for day to day use, good camera to take decent snaps, long-lasting battery life, good screen, mid to top-end processor, above 64GB storage with 6GB to 8GB RAM and that all in a lower price range rather than their 1000$ and above expensive flagships packed with different high-end features which are not really needed.

Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei have a huge market share and a significant increase in the sale of their smartphones just because of their lower price range.

It's really interesting and satisfactory that now top-end smartphone companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung have priced down their products to increase their market share and providing services to all the range of customers from budget to flagship.

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