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Samsung ecosystem, the biggest and the best ecosystem

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Samsung ecosystem review-Techysapiens. Sasmung ecosystem vs Apple ecosystem
Samsung ecosystem
Want flexibility of Android integrated with Microsoft ? Samsung ecosystem.

But what is an ecosystem ?

Ecosystem is just a group of multiple devices working together in synchronization to increase the flexibility, usability, and productivity of each device participating in the family.

You have the power to control each and every action you want on any device using any other device.

Just like Apple has its own ecosystem including iPhones, Mac, Airpods, apple watch, iPad and more in their family similarly,

Samsung has its own ecosystem including

  • smartphones

  • PCs

  • Chromebooks

  • Samsung Notebook Laptops

  • Samsung tablets

  • Samsung galaxy buds

  • Samsung smart watch and fit bands

  • Samsung smart TVs

  • Samsung smart Refrigerator,

  • Samsung smart front-load washer and dryer

  • Samsung smart vacuum

  • Samsung hub

  • Samsung light

and lot more.

Checkout Techysapiens blog on Microsoft with Samsung integrated Windows 10 with Android - Microsoft Your Phone app.

With apple you can just provide your work space an effective ecosystem but with Samsung you can convert your complete home to smart home.

Also, to expand its ecosystem Samsung has now partner-shipped with Microsoft and Xbox to provide much better and flexible user experience just by syncing and linking.
Samsung and Microsoft partnership together provides best ever Android+Windows experience.Microsoft's Your Phone app and Link to Windows integration on select Samsung devices, enables you to stay in the flow by allowing you to take calls, check notifications, see photos and messages, all from your Windows 10 PC.

Bixby (Samsung voice assistant) is capable to control all the smart devices listed above using smartphone, tablets, smart watch and others.

Control every electronic around you just by calling "Hey Bixby".

Samsung Galaxy itself is a complete ecosystem just by getting all your devices ready in single pairing.

Features like :

  • Auto hotspot for automatic linking

  • Controlling music

  • sharing data between devices

  • answering calls

  • controlling electronics

Using Samsung Dex you can seamlessly switch between desktop and phone view and

also, Samsung with Microsoft are integrating multiple android apps in Windows 10 using Microsoft Your Phone app and bringing Phone mirroring features and multitasking between windows and android apps seamlessly using Phone Screen.

Now enjoy the benefit of various Microsoft and Xbox features right on the android Samsung phones like recently launched Samsung Note series and other devices.

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