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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ | Finally a productive Android Tablet.

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Samsung Galaxy tab S7+

Unlike other brands in the Android market, Samsung is the only brand that is continuously working to build a productive tablet just like its top-end smartphones.

Last year's Samsung Galaxy tab S6 was really a premium build, solid metal unibody, sleek tablet, and undoubtedly the best android tablet yet but still it cant compete for the most powerful tablet in the market right now that is the Apple iPad pro.

Samsung has announced its new member in the Galaxy Tab series Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 plus, finally a productive android tablet to compete Apple iPad pro and even better in some fields.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is the best tablet available right now in the market for both media consumption as well as productivity.

For media consumption Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 plus is packed with :


  • 12.40-inch Super AMOLED display

  • WQXGA+2800 x 1752

  • HDR10+High Dynamic Range

  • 266Pixel Per Inch

  • 120Hz

  • built to care for your eyes with the lowest blue light on a tablet display.


  • Quad speaker sound by AKG and Dolby Atmos.


  • 3.09GHz, 2.4GHz, 1.8GHz Octa-Core Snapdragon 865+ processor


  • 6GB+128GB storage

  • Up to 1TB expandable

Battery :


45W super fast charging support

In terms of productivity also Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ provides the best productivity features and user experience:

  • The front camera positioned on top in landscape mode which most of the users preferred when the tablet is in laptop mode.

  • only tablet present in the market right now with a 120Hz refresh rate superfluid screen.

  • Samsung S-pen now with Ultra-low latency just up to 9ms, magnetic attachment, air actions for quick control.

  • Clip Studio Paint, Preloaded on Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+, the first Android version of the app is yours free for 6 months. Time to create art like the pros.

  • Samsung-Notes preloaded app to make notes, pdf, documents, import pdf, sign documents, sync other devices, seamlessly export to other Office apps, and much more.

  • Samsung book cover keyboard takes it all the way back to 165° with larger keycaps and Ergonomic design for easy typing.

But Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ becomes more productive with Samsung's desktop platform - Samsung Dex :

Galaxy Tab S7+ is the only device by Samsung built to take complete advantage of its Desktop user interface Samsung Dex.

Nearly all the Samsung Devices come with this feature but their hardware was not built to juice out the full user experience of Dex mode. But now with Samsung S-pen, 120 Hz 12.40-inch AMOLED display, and Samsung Keyboard you can switch anytime between tablets and windows like laptop mode.

Also, it has a huge advantage over Apple,s iPad with much better multitasking features provided by multiple resizable and moveable windows like Microsoft Windows.

Overall Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is now the best tablet available in the market in terms of media consumption, productivity or laptop experience (even better than Apple's iPad).

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